Trust us to give you the best sleep possible

Sleepyhead. Voted Most Trusted Bed Brand in 2014, 2015 and 2016 by New Zealanders.

Not only were we awarded NZ’s Most Trusted Bed Brand for the third year in a row, we were also named in the Top 20 Most Trusted Brands across all categories. For us at Sleepyhead, this comes with a great sense of honour and gratitude.  
Not only do you let our products support you as you sleep, you truly trust us to do a great job at it.
Sleepyhead’s owners Graeme and Craig Turner are particularly thrilled “Sleepyhead has always been in our hearts so to know that New Zealanders trust us this much makes us very proud. It also comes with a great responsibility, to ensure we continue to earn that trust”. So thanks NZ, we’re chuffed.

What makes Sleepyhead a Trusted New Zealand Brand?

Here at Sleepyhead, we know what goes into making a truly remarkable bed. To give you a glimpse of the intricate journey of every Sleepyhead, we'd like to introduce you to three of our dedicated experts behind the scenes.

Greg, Spring Guru

Greg is in charge of quality control in our Spring Room.
Starting with the wire in its raw form, he makes sure our springs are tempered correctly. For this to happen an electric shock is sent through each coiled spring to align the molecules in the steel and make it strong. If it's a spring in our Torquezone range, it is set in a giant oven at around 255 degrees.
But it doesn't stop there. Before the springs can be used in a bed, Greg analyses the shape and size of each so that they are perfectly uniform. The springs also go through random tests, to make sure they will last the lifetime of every Sleepyhead.

Salesi, Foam Expert

We manufacture our own foam at Sleepyhead because we couldn't find any good enough to buy. And Salesi, our Foam Expert, is in charge of making sure it's just right.
Salesi carefully mixes the right combination of ingredients, which is a very delicate job. This ensures our foam comes out just right and that our beds feel fantastic. A wrong calculation and the liquid foam will collapse instead of steadily rising up into huge blocks called 'buns'.
Our foam is made using CO2, which replaces a lot of toxic ingredients - creating a bed that is kinder on you and the environment.

Ben, Mattress Maestro

You wouldn't think it, but there's a real art to constructing a bed. That's why we trust Ben, our Mattress Maker to get it right every time.
Using a high-speed sewing machine and a good eye for detail, Ben glues, sews and fits the borders, comfort layers, and tops of the mattress together. Straight lines and precision are his specialty.
It's because of people like Ben that each and every Sleepyhead goes out the door with our highest quality guarantee.

If you are looking to find the right bed you can trust, then try the Sleep Selector for a personalised recommendation.

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