Your sleep IQ Quiz

You’re a nervy night owl.

Your score puts you near the bottom, which means when it comes to sleep, you’re not as wise as you think. Sound familiar... you’re often out of bed getting a glass of water or going on the potty. You probably toss, turn, twitch and roll around like there’s a worm in your nest. Do you find you wear winter pyjamas in summer and summer pyjamas in winter? You often frazzle your mind watching conspiracy documentaries on your iPad and wake up through the night with your blankets kicked off and your head not on the pillow.

Thanks for taking the Sleep IQ Quiz, we hope you learned a few tricks along the way that might help you sleep better in future. If a new bed might help you feel more refreshed and revived every day, then take a moment to check out the Sleepyhead Range.

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