What to expect when your new bed arrives.

At first your new Sleepyhead bed may feel different from the mattress you have been sleeping on. Don’t worry, your body may take a little time to adjust to the extra comfort and support your new bed provides. The mattress may also feel slightly different to the mattress you tried in-store. This is natural as your new mattress will take several weeks to wear in, similar to how a new pair of shoes takes some time to break in.

It is also natural for your new bed to develop body impressions over time as the extra comfort layers in the mattress begin to settle and contour to your body shape. This is a completely normal occurrence and helps ensure the mattress is perfectly contoured for maximum comfort. 

On a pillowtop mattress approximately 35mm height adjustment is considered normal, and on a non-pillowtop mattress approximately 25mm height adjustment is considered normal. This is an indicative guide and depending on the mattress and the user greater body impressions may occur.

If you are having any concern, the retailer where you purchased the bed will be able to advise whether body contouring is conforming to normal expectations. You may be asked to measure the level of contouring on your mattress. This is measured by removing all of the bedding, including mattress protectors and electric blankets, and placing a straight edge such as a broom handle across the mattress and then measuring the gap between the handle and the surface of the mattress. If the gap is less than 35mm then the mattress is contouring to your body to normal expectations.

Mattress Turning Instructions

To avoid damage to the mattress or the risk of personal injury, do not attempt to rotate the mattress by yourself. To help equalise body impressions, please rotate your mattress as part of the maintenance of the product. Rotate your mattress end to end once every three months, as shown. 

Assembly of base joiners for split bases

The base joiners are used to keep the 2 pieces together. Simply fit the castors or glide through the hole in the joiner and into the base as shown in the diagram below.

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